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Rev up and educate the Biaxin sales force

Abbott's pharmaceutical division had a problem. Even though its antibiotic Biaxin had been proven to cure most ulcers, Abbott sales people were having a tough time convincing doctors to try this radical new approach. They needed an educational and motivational "shot in the arm."

We mailed what appeared to be giant books to the homes of 1000 sales reps.  When they opened them up, they found briefing materials for the "GIPD"-the Gastro-Intestinal Police Department. Our takeoff on the popular TV series "NYPD Blue" included badges, training tapes with "Bobby" and "Andy" sound-alikes, tips for overpowering negligent doctors, and police-oriented premiums, including a TV remote control shaped like a gun.  Reps could win a high-tech cell phone by listening to the training tape and sending in an answer card.

Our program generated white-hot enthusiasm among the Abbott sales force. As our client put it, AdGap "has an uncanny ability to put themselves in our shoes and in our customers' shoes to come up with the things that will best meet the objectives that we share."