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Motivate Cisco's 1400 top-tier resellers to use new contract management software on the Cisco web site

This $10 billion manufacturer of high end Internet equipment created breakthrough software to help its resellers manage their business. But how could they get them to use the new software to generate quotes and bids, rather than phoning Cisco Sales for help? Cisco's dilemma: "We have built it...but how do we get them to come?"

We developed "Field O' Dreams," an incentive program with a baseball theme that rewarded resellers for using the software. Three waves of dimensional mail--one included an ear of fresh corn!--pointed readers to a web site with interactive ballpark graphics. Every time they used the software on the site, they were automatically entered into a drawing for monthly travel awards. The grand prize winner got an all-expenses-paid trip to the 1999 World Series.

Over 35% of the resellers came to the site and began using the software--five times more than Cisco's initial projection. Now resellers are generating their own quotes, bids, and contract renewals via the Web.