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Extend the eBay brand via an online store

The world's largest online trading community, eBay, needed a partner to create an unconventional web store. A store which went beyond the basics--quality branded merchandise, clear site navigation, ease of ordering, and superlative customer service--to capture the essence of eBay's quirky personality and special relationship with
its user community. 

Opened in April of 1999, the online store we built marries the eBay look and feel with a hassle-free shopping experience. Merchandise, changed regularly to spark excitement, includes both highly desirable staples and custom products created just for eBay. We also enabled eBay to offer a key "dirt world" add-on: printed store gift certificates they can use to recognize customers and employees. We regularly invite all eBay Store customers to participate in online surveys, so we can continue to improve our service.   

The number of visits per day and sales are growing steadily. "AdGap has become an awesome partner for us," says Gary Dillabough, eBay's Director of Business Development.

To view--or shop in--The eBay Store, go to