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Pump up gift sales--and extend the Petco brand

The nation's second largest pet supply chain was eager to capitalize on the Beanie BabyĆ craze by selling bean bag toys of Blue Mews and Red Ruff, its two logo animals. But no one in Petco's vast network of global suppliers could do Blue and Red right. Having ordered and rejected prototypes from six different sources, the retailer was all ears when AdGap walked in. 

The Blue Mews and Red Ruff floppy toys we created, with the help of our long-time Hong Kong partner, flew off Petco's shelves. Intrigued by our ability to impart personality to plush, Petco asked us to develop floppy versions of their best selling pets. So far our "Paw Pals" collection sports 14 adorable creatures, including Rocket the Ferret, Calypso the Clownfish, and Hamilton the Hamster.

"We are delighted with the sales numbers," says Petco Buyer Jerry Frailey. "AdGap's creativity is a great asset to the overall success of the program, and their sales support is incredible--just a phone call away."