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The gift of a rickety pencil hot-stamping machine sparked the birth of AdGap in 1964.

We got our start in 1958 selling imprinted pencils to small business in order to support the works of a nonprofit community. From these unlikely roots, we evolved into a leading provider of integrated marketing solutions to Fortune 100 firms.

In 2002, we merged with Newton Manufacturing Company, one of the largest, oldest, and most respected promotional products distributors in the Nation. This has enabled AdGap to serve it's clients with even more resources. 

Located in central Iowa, Newton Manufacturing Company was established in 1909 as a manufacturer of promotional products. We employ over 150 people who provide innovative marketing support, state-of-the-art technologies and premier service programs for nearly 800 sales representatives located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Newton Manufacturing Company is an employee-owned organization where each employee-owner has a vested interest in building our success by achieving your goals. www.newtonmfg.com

AdGap's principal offices are in the San Diego, California area.