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EBay Calls on AdGap to Launch New Site

To support their top customers, eBay is launching a new PowerSellers web site. With AdGap as a partner, the PowerSellers are now able to purchase marketing materials and custom stationery products to enhance their own marketing strategies.

BellSouth Partners with AdGap for Major Product Launch

AdGap helped BellSouth launch their new wireless email device, the T-900 by designing a creative series of mailings to motivate 8500 Consumer Services reps to sell the new product. The success of this campaign was credited to AdGap's ability to motivate and educate people through creative communications.

Pacific Bell Get Creative with AdGap Audio

AdGap Audio brought pizzazz and creativity to Pacific Bell's show of appreciation for employee support of a leads gathering initiative. Pacific Bell hosted two regional employee-only concerts featuring the Beach Boys. To add that personal touch, AdGap Audio created a completely custom audio CD featuring employee contest winners singing their favorite Beach Boys songs. In addition to being employee gifts, these CD'd will be sold as a fundraiser for an education charity. Once again, AdGap's creative team hit a winner.

AdGap International Launches Campaigns in Third World Countries

  • To help promote the highest standards of safety practices in third world countries, AdGap has been working with the upstream drilling and production divisions of major Petroleum Companies. AdGap's Business Intelligence group has consulted with corporations for over 15 years. This has resulted in an understanding of important core and cultural issues that influence safe behavior. AdGap has been able to give managers and supervisors working in third world countries more support than simply a product and safety slogan. AdGap provides advice on how, when and what will bring real results through merchandise recognition in addition to safety gear and training materials.
  • AdGap distributed soccer shirts to local youths in Angola, Africa. Oil company clients paid for the transport of over-stocked inventory to help bring goods to young people in need.
  • A dramatic eclipse took place on June 21st in Southern Africa. AdGap provided major Oil Company clients in this area with special viewing lenses for safe viewing of the eclipse which were given out to local communities.
Custom Wearables Promotes The Sopranos for HBO

GW Design brought its unique creative design skill to producing soccer shirts to promote the popular HBO show, The Soporanos. Their knowledge of retail trends and corporate branding is once again, the winning combination.

posted 07/12/2001