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Welcome to the Printing Locker

You can use this Locker along with Adobe's "Acrobat Reader" software to make good-looking prints--handouts, overheads, etc.--of key pages of the AdGap Website.

If you download pages from this location and then print them from Acrobat Reader, they will be better in three ways: 

  • They will print without all those dorky-looking web artifacts, like the site header, menu bar, and page URL.
  • They will automatically print on an 8 1/2 x 11 page, in a portrait (vertical) format, so you won't have to fiddle around with your print settings first.
  • Even though the images won't have the same resolution as fine printed literature, they will look better than they would if you printed them from the main site.

All you have to do is select the page you want from the list below. 

Home Page
Capabilities Home Page
Capabilities - Branded Merchandise
Capabilities - Business Intelligence
Capabilities - Custom Apparel
Capabilities - Custom Audio
Capabilities - Design
Capabilities - Direct Mail
Capabilities - Global Sourcing
Capabilities - Internet Solutions
Capabilities - Motivational Programs
Client Home Page
Clients - Abbott Laboratories
Clients - eBay
Clients - Hewlett-Packard
Clients - Xerox
Case Study - Branded Merchandise
Case Study - Business Intelligence
Case Study - Custom Apparel
Case Study - Custom Audio
Case Study - Design
Case Study - Direct Mail
Case Study - Global Sourcing
Case Study - Internet Solutions
Case Study - Motivational Programs
Values Home Page
Values - Vision
Values - Principles
Particulars - AdGap History